377 - A Quantitative Angiography Technique Using Time-Resolved 2D-DSA for Determining Treatment Endpoints During Partial Splenic Embolization
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289617
379 - Building a Prostate Artery Embolization service line: Understanding the revenue
SIR ePoster library, Bhavin Patel, 289619
380 - Comparing Contrast Exposure to Patients that Underwent CT angiography, 99mTechnetium-Labeled Red Blood Cell Scintigraphy, and Catheter Angiography in Gastrointestinal Bleeding
SIR ePoster library, Luciano Delbono, 289620
381 - Cone Beam CT-based virtual injection software could help catheter positioning for selective treatment delivery in liver-directed therapy
SIR ePoster library, Fourat Ridouani, 289621
398 - Pathogenic Variants in the ENG, ACVRL1, SMAD4, and GDF2 genes and Clinical Presentations of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: Experience from a Single Center of HHT Excellence
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Latif, 289638
400 - Perioperative Blood Loss after Embolization of Hypervascular Musculoskeletal Tumors: A Systematic Review of the LIterature
SIR ePoster library, Neil Jain, 289640
401 - Preoperative Embolization of Renal Cell Carcinoma Prior to Partial or Total Nephrectomy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
SIR ePoster library, John Cieslak, 289641
420 - Health Outcomes in Older Adults Post-Thrombectomies for Acute Ischemic Stroke
SIR ePoster library, Sharon Pang, 289660
421 - AIF-mediated Apoptosis by Quiescent Hepatic Stellate Cell as Potential Hepatocellular Carcinoma Therapy
SIR ePoster library, Xin Li, 289661
424 - Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization Enhances Intra-tumoral Doxorubicin Delivery Compared to Drug-eluting Embolic Transarterial Chemoembolization in a Rabbit VX2 Liver Tumor Model
SIR ePoster library, Ramzy Khabbaz, 289664
441 - Eventual outcomes of patients undergoing Peritoneal dialysis catheter by Interventional Radiologists( IR's)- A large single Institution 2 year Observational Study.
SIR ePoster library, Philip Velez, 289681
442 - Inpatient Screening for Endovascular AVF: The good, the bad, & the ugly. . .
SIR ePoster library, Gordon McLennan, 289682
443 - Radiation Reduction Techniques in Dialysis Patients Undergoing AV Fistulograms
SIR ePoster library, Katherine Walter, 289683
460 - Radiologists' Knowledge of Procedural Charges
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Taussig, 289699
461 - Research Initiative: A Novel Medical Student-led Research Management System
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Parker, 289700
462 - Scholarly Activities and Indices Among Academic Endovascular Specialists: A Comparative Analysis Between Interventional Radiologists and Vascular Surgeons
SIR ePoster library, Albert Jiao, 289701
478 - Feasibility of artificial intelligence detection and classification of inferior vena cava filters on X-ray imaging
SIR ePoster library, Brian Park, 289723
479 - Fluoroscopy-guided, Direct Percutaneous Retrograde Thoracic Duct Access and Catheterization for Lymphangiography and Embolization: Feasibility, Safety and Efficacy
SIR ePoster library, Gabriel Li, 289724
480 - Real-Time, Fused Holographic Visualization (RTFHV) for Performing Percutaneous Thermal Ablation (PTA) of Solid Liver Tumors: Preliminary Feasibility Evaluation
SIR ePoster library, Sara Al-Nimer, 289725
497 - Comparison of radiofrequency ablation and stereotactic radiotherapy for primary treatment of low and intermediate stage HCC: results from the NCDB.
SIR ePoster library, Johannes Uhlig, 289742
499 - Contrast enhanced retrograde pyeloperfusion: An augmentation of current methods for improved intraprocedural safety in central renal tumor cryoablation.
SIR ePoster library, Fiora McRae, 289744
501 - Demonstrating the Efficacy of a Low-cost Carbon Dioxide-Based Cryoablation Device In Veterinary Medicine for Translation to Third World Medical Applications.
SIR ePoster library, Grace Kuroki, 289746
516 - Reproducibility of in vivo Ablation Zone Using a Single Microwave Ablation System
SIR ePoster library, Dhiraj Sikaria, 289760
517 - Role of renal mass biopsy before percutaneous cryoablation
SIR ePoster library, Mahmoud Ali, 289761
518 - Safety and Efficacy of percutaneous thermal ablation for primary and metastatic adrenal tumors: A systematic review.
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Shahid, 289762
537 - Safety of chemoembolization in patients with recurrent hepatocellular carcinoma after liver transplantation
SIR ePoster library, In Joon Lee, 289781
538 - Sub-lethal hyperthermia enhances the anticancer activity of doxorubicin against acute hypoxic HepG2 cells through ROS-dependent mechanisms
SIR ePoster library, Xiangwen Xia, 289782
539 - Treatment outcomes in transarterial chemoembolization (TACE) refractory hepatocellular carcinoma patients converted to lenvatinib therapy
SIR ePoster library, Kenji Murakami, 289783
567 - Yttrium-90 Radioembolization Therapy for Combined Hepatocellular and Cholangiocarcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Abhijit Salaskar, 289810
568 - Endovascular management of vascular involvement by head and neck malignancies.
SIR ePoster library, Rahul Jadhav, 289811
571 - CT-Guided Percutaneous Radiofrequency Thermocoagulation for Recurrent Trigeminal Neuralgia - Initial Experience
SIR ePoster library, Martin Radvany, 289813
592 - Early (
SIR ePoster library, Jay Argue, 289834
593 - Endoscopic, fluoroscopy-guided, and surgically placed enteric feeding tubes: Medicare trends from 2010-2017.
SIR ePoster library, Will Lindquester, 289835
594 - Percutaneous gastrojejunostomy tubes : Identification of predictors of retrograde tip migration into the stomach
SIR ePoster library, David Johnson, 289836
611 - Efficacy and Safety of Thoracic Duct Embolization Using A Mixture of Sotradecol and Lipiodol
SIR ePoster library, Abigail Mills, 289853
612 - Impact of Number of Inflow Lymphatics on Efficacy of Lymphangiography and Embolization of Postoperative Groin and Pelvic Lymphoceles.
SIR ePoster library, McLean Davies, 289854
615 - Lusutrombopag is a safe and efficacious treatment option for thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic liver disease undergoing planned invasive procedures: integrated analysis of two phase 3 trials
SIR ePoster library, Robert Brown, 289857
633 - Endovascular Interventions with High Radiation Doses Exceeding 5,000 mGy Reference Point Kerma: A Dosimetric Analysis of 89,855 Consecutive Patient Encounters
SIR ePoster library, Ian McCracken, 289875
637 - Implementation of ACS-COT guidelines for interventional radiology: A retrospective review of prospective data compared to historic cohort
SIR ePoster library, Charissa Kim, 289879
638 - Moderate Sedation in the IR Suite: Are We Doing it Right?
SIR ePoster library, Joseph Sparapani, 289880
659 - May-Thurner Syndrome presenting in pregnancy: a single center experience
SIR ePoster library, Shamar Young, 289900
660 - Nutcracker Syndrome in 13 patients Treated with Bare Metal Venous Stents: Long Term Clinical and Imaging Follow-up
SIR ePoster library, David Holt, 289901
662 - Development and implementation of a patient reported outcome measure for vascular malformation patients (VM-PROM): Initial results
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 289903
681 - Angioplasty and/or Stenting for Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis
SIR ePoster library, Vedant Acharya, 289922
683 - An Optical Flow Based Technique for Localizing Arterial Bleeds on Diagnostic Angiograms
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289924
685 - Direct versus total serum bilirubin: Which is the better predictor of survival in patients undergoing transarterial therapies for hepatocellular carcinoma?
SIR ePoster library, Ahmed Gabr, 289926
706 - Descriptive revenue analysis of 100 patients in an interventional oncology service line: understanding revenue sources in IR
SIR ePoster library, David Ruohoniemi, 289947
708 - Short-Term Toxicity of Peptide Receptor Radionuclide Therapy in Patients with Neuroendocrine Tumors Treated with Prior Transarterial Liver Directed Therapy
SIR ePoster library, Erica Alexander, 289949
710 - Can an intratumoral DNA-encoded immunotherapeutic device platform currently used in the management of cutaneous lesions be scaled in size to function in the treatment of visceral tumors through image-guided techniques?
SIR ePoster library, Kim Jaffe, 289950
740 - The Role of Minor Non-Traumatic Lower Extremity Amputation in Critical Limb Ischemia & Diabetes Mellitus: When is the right time?
SIR ePoster library, Daniel Braga, 289978
741 - Basket Thrombectomy: A novel use of distal protection wires in arterial thromboembolism
SIR ePoster library, Ting-Chang Sheu, 289979
747 - Resident education outside of the IR suite: experiences with a comprehensive curriculum in an academic IR residency
SIR ePoster library, Daniel DePietro, 289985
769 - Urological Applications of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) Interventions
SIR ePoster library, Victor Kondray, 290007
770 - Block It – Pudendal Neuralgia and Image Guided Nerve Blocks
SIR ePoster library, Abigail Luman, 290008
772 - Review of CT-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation for Sacroiliac Joint Pain
SIR ePoster library, Anoop Ravilla, 290010
791 - SBAR: A proposal to improve the quality of morbidity and mortality discussions in IR
SIR ePoster library, Sarah Cheng, 290029
792 - Utilizing Time-Driven Activity Based Costing (TDABC) in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Cayenne Price, 290030
793 - Portal Vein Recanalization with Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (PVR-TIPS): A New Hope for Patients with Cirrhosis and Portal Venous Thrombosis (PVT)
SIR ePoster library, Ethan Speir, 290031
814 - Lower Extremity Angioplasty: Getting a Leg up on Vascular Pathology
SIR ePoster library, Akram Sadeghi, 290052
815 - A Primer on Embolic Agents used in Vascular Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290053
817 - Adrenal artery embolization
SIR ePoster library, Jacob Miller, 290055
836 - Introduction to Prostate Artery Embolization: Practical Points for Interventional Radiology Residents
SIR ePoster library, Amit Ramjit, 290074
837 - IR Management of Hemorrhage Following Cyst-Gastrostomy in the Setting of Complicated Pancreatitis.
SIR ePoster library, Justin McCool, 290075
839 - Pictorial review of branching patterns of inferior pancreaticoduodenal artery
SIR ePoster library, Sreeja Sanampudi, 290077
860 - ALI meets CLI: Unusual solutions for complex arterial occlusions from a vascular center of excellence
SIR ePoster library, Omosalewa Adenikinju, 290098
861 - Evidenced based algorithm for the endovascular management of pulmonary embolism based on current literature and guidelines.
SIR ePoster library, Evan Narasimhan, 290099
865 - Developing An Orthotopic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma Model in Lewis Rats to Study Novel Loco-regional and Combinatorial Therapies
SIR ePoster library, Ahmed Gabr, 290103
889 - Developing High-Fidelity, Multi-Purpose Hepatobiliary Simulation for Interventional Radiology Trainees using a Novel Three-Dimensional Segmentation and Printing Technique
SIR ePoster library, Alex Solomon, 290127
890 - Development of a Simulation-Based Procedural Curriculum for Image Guided Procedures
SIR ePoster library, Elainea Smith, 290128
891 - DIY hands-on workshop for IR symposiums
SIR ePoster library, Laura Stevens, 290129
911 - Preventing Physician Burnout in Interventional Radiology: Scope of the Problem and Keys to Success
SIR ePoster library, Lucas Tsikitas, 290149
913 - Revamping with ROTEM: Case-based Review of Applications in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Shivam Shah, 290151
914 - Review of Arteriovenous Hemodialysis Access for Trainees
SIR ePoster library, Alix Hopp, 290152
934 - Non-Atherosclerotic Lower Extremity Arterial Disease
SIR ePoster library, Jacob Fleecs, 290172
935 - Optimizing Your Pelvic Congestion Imaging Protocol
SIR ePoster library, Claire Kaufman, 290173
938 - Bowel Displacement in Percutaneous Ablation: a Review of Current Techniques and a New Wire Displacement Technique
SIR ePoster library, Ning Zhang, 290176
956 - Protractor-assistance to reduce readjustment, time, and radiation dose in cross-sectional procedures: A pictorial review and description of technique
SIR ePoster library, Jemianne Jia, 290194
958 - Guiding SBRT with Lipiodol Enhancement During Chemo and Bland Embolization of Hepatocellular Carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Suraj Patel, 290196
959 - Overcoming Limitations in the Treatment of Locally Advanced Pancreatic Cancer with Transarterial Microprofusion Utilizing a Novel Dual Balloon Catheter
SIR ePoster library, Barbara Manchec, 290197
978 - TransCarotid Artery Revascularization (TCAR): Why, How and Results. What every IR should know.
SIR ePoster library, Chloe Cross, 290216
979 - A practical approach to clinical evaluation, management, and treatment of back pain for the interventional radiologist.
SIR ePoster library, Kartik Kansagra, 290217
981 - Embolization of chronic subdural hemorrhage: a case series and review of the literature
SIR ePoster library, David Petrov, 290219
1000 - Tips to access nondilated bile ducts
SIR ePoster library, Almamoon Justaniah, 290238
1001 - Transjugular insertion of biliary stent (TIBS): An uncommon procedure for a common dilemma
SIR ePoster library, Ankit Mohla, 290239
1002 - It is not ok to pass gas: The impact of patient's biopsy side-decubitus position on the occurrence of complications during lung biopsy.
SIR ePoster library, Ghazwan Kroma, 290240
1022 - Evaluating pain syndromes: a review of the interventional radiologist's diagnostic arsenal.
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Czar Taon, 290260
1023 - Fallopian Tube Recanalization: A comprehensive pictorial review for a life changing and life creating procedure
SIR ePoster library, Syed Mustafa, 290261
1024 - Imaged Guided Retrieval of Entrapped Peripheral Nerve Block Catheters
SIR ePoster library, Tirth Patel, 290262
1045 - Expanded interventional radiology service to evening and weekend coverage for routine non-urgent inpatient cases – lessons learned from successful implementation over a 3-year period
SIR ePoster library, Tali Fudim, 290283
1046 - Interventional Radiology; moving beyond Twitter
SIR ePoster library, Michael Cellini, 290284
1047 - NOAC, No Problem: A Practical Guide on Novel Oral Anticoagulant Therapy for the Interventional Radiologist
SIR ePoster library, Daniel Reyes, 290285
1065 - RTO Uh-oh! – Technical details and management of intraprocedural complications during retrograde transvenous obliteration (RTO) of gastric varices
SIR ePoster library, Sara McCann, 290303
1066 - The road less traveled: Portosystemic shunts of the non-gastrorenal variety
SIR ePoster library, Keith Ameyaw, 290304
1067 - TIPS procedure : Addressing anatomical variants
SIR ePoster library, Taylor Parnall, 290305
1084 - Hybrid Surgical Endovenctomy and Iliac Stenting for Iliac Vein Occlusion with Poor Infrainguinal Flow
SIR ePoster library, Ryan Meek, 290322
1085 - Imaging and Treatment of IVC and SVC Obstruction
SIR ePoster library, Jojo Yeboa, 290323
1087 - Review of Thoracic Central Vein Obstruction, Recanalization Techniques, & Long-Term Outcomes
SIR ePoster library, Edel Mendoza, 290325
1106 - A pictorial review of May-Thurner Syndrome with case illustrations of endovascular repair in routine and acute settings
SIR ePoster library, James Jeffries, 290344
1107 - An Illustrative Review of Endovascular Treatment Techniques Using the Inari Medical FlowTriever and ClotTriever systems in venous thromboembolic disease
SIR ePoster library, Kyle Wilson, 290345
1111 - The role of catheter directed therapy devices in pulmonary embolism
SIR ePoster library, Abigail Mills, 290349

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