388 - Evaluation of the anatomy of prostatic artery in patients with improved sexual health function following prostate artery embolization
SIR ePoster library, Peyman Borghei, 289628
389 - Feasibility, efficacy and safety of an EVOH polymer (Onyx®) for embolization of acute peripheral hemorrhages
SIR ePoster library, Pierre-Yves Imbert, 289629
390 - Feasibility, Safety, and Efficacy of In-line Balloon Occlusion Assisted Delivery of Ethylene-vinyl Alcohol Copolymer (Onyx®) for Peripheral Arterial Applications. A multi-center case series.
SIR ePoster library, Zach Berman, 289630
391 - Frailty is predictive of complications after transarterial chemoembolization
SIR ePoster library, Rana Rabei, 289631
409 - Survival and Hepatic Biochemical Toxicities in Patients Treated with Hepatic Yttrium-90 Radioembolization For Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastases to the Liver
SIR ePoster library, Timothy Modzelewski, 289649
410 - The role for interventional radiology in the management and treatment of giant hepatic hemangiomas
SIR ePoster library, Anirudh Arun, 289650
412 - The Use of Intra-Arterial Vancomycin in Splenic Artery Embolization to Decrease Post-Procedural Infections
SIR ePoster library, Darby Shuler, 289652
413 - Tibiopedal versus Radial artery calibers in a healthy patient cohort
SIR ePoster library, Eric Harboldt, 289653
432 - Balloon assisted retrograde coil embolization (BARCE) technique: a preliminary study in a vascular model
SIR ePoster library, Masayuki Endo, 289672
433 - Dipyridamole-Loaded Electrospun Polymer Scaffold Based on PEG/PCL for Localized Drug Delivery
SIR ePoster library, Olivia Liu, 289673
434 - Embolic Characteristics of Imipenem–Cilastatin Particles in Vivo in the Rat Renal Artery
SIR ePoster library, Kentaro Yamada, 289674
435 - Identifying Active Extravasation on Arteriograms using Artificial Intelligence
SIR ePoster library, Mark Kleedehn, 289675
452 - Benchmarking the Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency Curriculum: Exploring Institutional Trends From a Trainee Perspective
SIR ePoster library, Lola Oladini, 289691
453 - Critical care training for the interventional radiology resident – a national survey of IR/DR program directors
SIR ePoster library, Sipan Mathevosian, 289692
454 - Crowd-Sourced Assessment of Interventional Radiology Technical Skill; A Method to Guide Future Training of Interventional Radiologists
SIR ePoster library, Daryl Goldman, 289693
455 - Customized Patient Specific 3D-Printed Pediatric Renovascular Phantom for Complex Renal Artery Stenosis (RAS) Pre-procedural Planning. Plug and Play
SIR ePoster library, Anilawan Smitthimedhin, 289694
469 - Current State of Interventional Radiology in Nigeria
SIR ePoster library, Chidubem Ugwueze, Anas, 289708
471 - Deep learning to distinguish benign from malignant renal lesions based on routine MR imaging
SIR ePoster library, Ianto Xi, 289713
472 - Evaluation of Software to Predict Liver Perfusion Volume for Radioembolization Planning
SIR ePoster library, Alex Sher, 289715
487 - Role of time-resolved magnetic resonance angiography in appropriate diagnosis of patients with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
SIR ePoster library, Rebecca Bennett, 289732
490 - 3D Assessment of the Ablation Zone Margins with the Neuwave Ablation Confirmation (AC) Software: a feasibility study
SIR ePoster library, Nikiforos Vasiniotis Kamarinos, 289735
491 - A Institutional Review of Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound Guided Microwave Ablation for Neoplastic Lesions in the Liver.
SIR ePoster library, Haran Rajeswaran, 289736
508 - Locoregional control of painful spine metastatic lesions after percutaneous radiofrequency ablation and vertebral augmentation.
SIR ePoster library, Joshua Marlow, 289752
509 - Oncolytic immunotherapy of hepatic tumors with intralesional rose bengal disodium
SIR ePoster library, Sapna Patel, 289753
510 - Percutaneous Irreversible Electroporation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Challenging Locations: A Retrospective Review
SIR ePoster library, Victoria Bennington, 289754
524 - Bone Marrow Biopsy Provider Trends in the United States by Physician Specialty and Practice Setting
SIR ePoster library, Alex Lionberg, 289768
526 - CT-guided lung biopsies and complications with and without the use of autologous blood patch in a military facility
SIR ePoster library, Yolanda Mendoza, 289770
527 - Diagnostic accuracy of image guided biopsy of hepatic lesions.
SIR ePoster library, Steffen Haider, 289771
552 - GALAD score Predicts HCC Recurrence in Patients with Normal AFP Levels Following Transarterial Radioembolization (TARE)
SIR ePoster library, Parita Patel, 289795
556 - Medically uncontrollable ascites following yttrium 90 radioembolization: the incidence, clinical outcomes and possible risk factors
SIR ePoster library, Josue Deya Navarro, 289799
557 - Overestimation of Y-90 Lung Shunt Fraction by Tc99m-MAA Scans, Preliminary Results
SIR ePoster library, Cain Green, 289800
578 - Ag Nano-functionalized Self-expandable Metallic Stent Suppresses Biliary Sludge and Stent-induced Tissue Hyperplasia in Rabbit Extrahepatic Bile Duct
SIR ePoster library, Jung-Hoon Park, 289820
582 - Validation of serial dilatation of benign biliary stricture without upscaling
SIR ePoster library, Alexander Schin, 289824
584 - Comparison of clinical outcomes in pedal and intranodal lymphangiography prior to thoracic duct embolization in traumatic chylothorax
SIR ePoster library, Sanjay Palat, 289826
601 - Assessment of the Heat-Sink Effect on Treatment Failure of Microwave Ablation for Central Renal Tumors
SIR ePoster library, Wenhui Zhou, 289843
603 - Comparison of Thermal Ablative Modalities for Anatomically Complex Renal Tumors: Periprocedural Complications and Treatment Outcomes
SIR ePoster library, Wenhui Zhou, 289845
604 - Get the Needle and Ultrasound Out of the Rectum in Prostate Interventions
SIR ePoster library, Amel Amalou, 289846
622 - Evaluate the Efficacy of Image Guided Pain Management Procedures on Pediatric Patients
SIR ePoster library, Douglas Rivard, Chad, 289864
625 - Factors Influencing Successful Implementation of a Joint Internal Medicine-Interventional Radiology Bedside Procedure Service at a Large Academic Center
SIR ePoster library, Alice Zhou, 289867
626 - Operational efficiency improvement following conversion of a fluoroscopy suite to hybrid CT-angiography system
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Feinberg, 289868
646 - Natural history of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts: Long-term analysis of survival and protective factors
SIR ePoster library, Jemianne Jia, 289888
647 - Outcomes of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt (TIPS) creation in patients with elevated intra-procedural right heart pressures.
SIR ePoster library, David Kim, 289889
649 - Endovascular Management of Transplant Renal Artery Stenosis
SIR ePoster library, Alice Zhou, 289891
670 - Safety and Efficacy of Mechanical IVC Filtration for Preventing Pulmonary Embolism in High-risk Orthopedic Patients Undergoing Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty
SIR ePoster library, Ye Joon Kim, 289911
671 - The effect of Inferior Vena Cava size on Filter Complications; One Size does Not Fit All.
SIR ePoster library, Amir Ata Rahnemai-Azar, 289912
672 - A Quantitative Venography Technique Using Time-Modulated Contrast Injections
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289913
694 - Reduction of DSA Dose Per Frame without Perceivable Loss in Image Quality – a Phantom Study
SIR ePoster library, Allen Goode, 289935
697 - Physician radiation dose for interventional procedures using fluoroscopic and conventional CT
SIR ePoster library, Emily Knott, 289938
698 - Role of Time-resolved angiography With Interleaved Stochastic Trajectories (TWIST) MR angiography for treatment planning in Nonspecific aorto-arteritis: a prospective study
SIR ePoster library, Sheragaru Chandrashekhara, 289939
727 - A new spin on SMA: breathing new life into an adult population living with SMA
SIR ePoster library, Ryan Cobb, 289965
728 - Vertebral Augmentation: Comparing Frequency and Specialities that Perform Vertebroplasties and Kyphoplasties
SIR ePoster library, Vamsi Potluri, 289966
731 - Safety and Effectiveness of Percutaneous Stenting for Palliative Treatment of Superior Vena Cava Syndrome (SVCS)
SIR ePoster library, David Leon, 289969
758 - Targeting Early Breast Cancers with Ablation Therapies: Opportunities and Progress
SIR ePoster library, Mina Makary, 289996
760 - To Biopsy or Ablate: A Review of the Evidence Behind the Treatment Algorithm of T1a Renal Mass
SIR ePoster library, Sofia C. C., 289998
761 - Novel systemic agents in the battle against hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Ammar Moiyadi, 289999
781 - Unvexing the Rex Shunt: A Review of Surgical and Endovascular Management of Extrahepatic Portal Venous Obstruction in Pediatric Patients
SIR ePoster library, Ethan Speir, 290019
783 - Addressing Barriers to Evaluation and Management Services at Interventional Radiology Practices by Utilizing Dictation-friendly Templates
SIR ePoster library, Harris Shaikh, 290021
784 - Development of a Shared Productivity and Financial Model for Multidisciplinary Care
SIR ePoster library, Stephanie Dybul, 290022
800 - Novel suture-mediated Technique for Torque-assistance during AngioVac Thrombectomy of Tricuspid and Right Atrial Masses
SIR ePoster library, Brady Laughlin, 290038
802 - Aortic Fenestration in Management of Acute Mesenteric Ischemia from Aortic Dissection.
SIR ePoster library, Oliver Furusato Hunt, 290040
803 - Causes of Type II Endoleak in Abdominal Aortic Stents: Retrospective Case Review
SIR ePoster library, Daniel Aboubechara, 290041
824 - Bland Embolization of Prostate Leiomyoma
SIR ePoster library, Jeffrey Isacson, 290062
826 - Clinical presentation and management of ruptured epiploic artery aneurysms
SIR ePoster library, Robert D'Ortenzio, 290064
828 - Embolization of the Left Atrial Coronary Artery in Cystic Fibrosis for Control of Massive Hemoptysis due to Coronary to Bronchial Artery Communication.
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Yaeger, 290066
847 - Traumatic Splenic Injury Management: Current Imaging and Intervention Guidelines
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Diamond, 290085
849 - Utility and technique of renal artery embolization prior to microwave ablation in patients with T1b renal cell carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Obaib Shoaib, 290087
850 - Utility of ethylene vinyl alcohol(ONYX) in the treatment of peripheral vascular anomalies : A pictorial review.
SIR ePoster library, Prasanna Tirukonda, 290088
878 - Percutaneous arteriovenous fistula creation: a comprehensive 'how-to' guide
SIR ePoster library, Aliaksei Salei, 290116
879 - A Curriculum for Fostering Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) within the Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR)
SIR ePoster library, Caleb Heiberger, 290117
880 - A Different Look at Moderate Sedation for the IR: What Anesthesia Has To Say
SIR ePoster library, Omosalewa Adenikinju, 290118
899 - Interventional Radiology Abroad: Success, Challenges, and Future Endeavors in Central Vietnam.
SIR ePoster library, Thanh-Phuong Pham, 290137
901 - Mentorship, Sponsorship, and Coaching: Key Faculty and Resident Development Concepts and a Guide for Successful Implementation in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Imran Siddiqui, 290139
903 - Multidisciplinary Procedures in Interventional Radiology: Improved patient care through inter-departmental collaboration
SIR ePoster library, Michael Cellini, 290141
923 - Understanding practices and gaps in multidisciplinary Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) care within the community oncology setting in the United States.
SIR ePoster library, Christina Mangir, Lorna, 290161
925 - Managing Expectations: How to Navigate Moral, Ethical and Legal Boundaries in the Era of Social Media
SIR ePoster library, Apurva Shrigiriwar, 290163
926 - Tools and Terminology for Cost Studies in IR
SIR ePoster library, Amel Amalou, 290164
947 - Renal nephrometry scoring for patient selection prior to percutaneous ablation of renal cell carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Ben McCafferty, 290185
948 - Technical Considerations of Adrenal Ablation
SIR ePoster library, Barbara Manchec, 290186
949 - Thermal Ablation in the Treatment Approach for Treatment of Oligometastatic NSCLC
SIR ePoster library, Meaghan Dendy Case, 290187
965 - Intratumoral Injections: What the Interventional Radiologist Should Know
SIR ePoster library, Valeria Gioioso, 290203
966 - On Systemic Therapies of HCC
SIR ePoster library, Taylor Wolfe, 290204
967 - Practical Uses of Fusion and Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in IR: Do You Really Need Computed Tomography?
SIR ePoster library, Amir Ata Rahnemai-Azar, 290205
990 - Ditch Digging: The Art of Drains
SIR ePoster library, Junjian Huang, 290228
991 - Biliary Intervention: Beyond the Basics
SIR ePoster library, Akram Sadeghi, 290229
992 - Disposable endoscopes: Incorporating percutaneous biliary endoscopy into IR practice by avoiding high capital costs and logistical barriers.
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 290230
1008 - Preventing recurrent gastric recoil of gastrojejunostomy tubes by creating a new, pylorus-directed subcutaneous track using pop-the-balloon technique
SIR ePoster library, Alexa Levey, 290246
1010 - Clinical evaluation of patients undergoing prostatic artery embolization
SIR ePoster library, Sarah Cheng, 290248
1012 - IR treatment for ureterosciatic hernia: percutaneous catheter and guidewire-assisted reduction
SIR ePoster library, Weiyi Le, 290250
SIR ePoster library, Kunal Gala, 290271
1034 - Radiologic Imaging, Diagnostic Evaluation, and Interventional Management of Adrenal Masses: An Update for Interventional Radiologists
SIR ePoster library, Surbhi Trivedi, 290272
1035 - Removal of Chronic Retained Foreign Bodies: A Case Report and Review of Fistulograms
SIR ePoster library, Paul Williams, 290273
1055 - Are leaded caps effective at reducing radiation exposure in the interventional radiology suite?
SIR ePoster library, Gautam Rao, 290293
1056 - Discharge Process Standardization in the IR department: Augmenting Patient Education to Decrease Future ER Visits
SIR ePoster library, Sean Maratto, 290294
1057 - Emerging Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Interventional Radiology Practice
SIR ePoster library, Louis Cooke, 290295
1076 - Case Based Review of Central Line Insertion Related Complications and IR Based Management Strategies.
SIR ePoster library, Kamel El Salek, 290314
1077 - Central Line Twists and Turns: Recognizing Pitfalls to Avoid Malpositioning and Complications
SIR ePoster library, William Behl, 290315
1078 - CT Venography with Dual Contrast Injection: A Novel technique for vessel mapping
SIR ePoster library, Venki Ramakrishnan, 290316
1096 - Evolution of design modifications to the Greenfield IVC filter and their relevance to retrieval
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 290334
1097 - Improving Inferior Vena Cava Filter Retrieval Rates at a County Hospital: A Resident Quality Improvement Initiative
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Abad-Santos, 290335
1098 - Inferior vena cava filter management in the setting of infection: review of the literature and pathway to guidelines/recommendations
SIR ePoster library, Artyom Abramyan, 290336

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