386 - Evaluation and management of Arterial Pseudoaneurysms in the setting of Pancreatitis
SIR ePoster library, Amir Ata Rahnemai-Azar, 289626
388 - Evaluation of the anatomy of prostatic artery in patients with improved sexual health function following prostate artery embolization
SIR ePoster library, Peyman Borghei, 289628
389 - Feasibility, efficacy and safety of an EVOH polymer (Onyx®) for embolization of acute peripheral hemorrhages
SIR ePoster library, Pierre-Yves Imbert, 289629
407 - Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block for Pain Control After UAE: Effect of Addition of Steroids on Duration of Analgesia
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Patetta, 289647
409 - Survival and Hepatic Biochemical Toxicities in Patients Treated with Hepatic Yttrium-90 Radioembolization For Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastases to the Liver
SIR ePoster library, Timothy Modzelewski, 289649
410 - The role for interventional radiology in the management and treatment of giant hepatic hemangiomas
SIR ePoster library, Anirudh Arun, 289650
429 - Phenylbutyrate is a superior inducer of the Warburg reversal compared to its metabolite phenylacetate and can efficiently enhance sensitivity to mTOR inhibitors in hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Caleb Heiberger, 289669
432 - Balloon assisted retrograde coil embolization (BARCE) technique: a preliminary study in a vascular model
SIR ePoster library, Masayuki Endo, 289672
433 - Dipyridamole-Loaded Electrospun Polymer Scaffold Based on PEG/PCL for Localized Drug Delivery
SIR ePoster library, Olivia Liu, 289673
451 - Analysis of kinematic differences in hand motion between the dominant and non-dominant hand of interventional radiology trainees performing simulated radial artery access
SIR ePoster library, Jeffrey Weinstein, 289690
452 - Benchmarking the Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency Curriculum: Exploring Institutional Trends From a Trainee Perspective
SIR ePoster library, Lola Oladini, 289691
453 - Critical care training for the interventional radiology resident – a national survey of IR/DR program directors
SIR ePoster library, Sipan Mathevosian, 289692
468 - Cost Analysis of Focal Laser Ablation for Prostate Cancer: In-MRI vs TRUS Fusion Guidance Outside MRI
SIR ePoster library, Amel Amalou, 289707
469 - Current State of Interventional Radiology in Nigeria
SIR ePoster library, Chidubem Ugwueze, Anas, 289708
471 - Deep learning to distinguish benign from malignant renal lesions based on routine MR imaging
SIR ePoster library, Ianto Xi, 289713
486 - Characterization of Respiratory Motion in the Hepatic Vasculature Using a 3D Elastic Registration Technique
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289731
487 - Role of time-resolved magnetic resonance angiography in appropriate diagnosis of patients with Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome
SIR ePoster library, Rebecca Bennett, 289732
490 - 3D Assessment of the Ablation Zone Margins with the Neuwave Ablation Confirmation (AC) Software: a feasibility study
SIR ePoster library, Nikiforos Vasiniotis Kamarinos, 289735
505 - Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Benign Thyroid Nodules: A Literature Review
SIR ePoster library, Mark Youssef, 289750
506 - Image-Guided Radiofrequency Hyperthermia-Enhanced Direct Chemotherapy of Hepatic Tumors: The Underlying BioMolecular Mechanisms
SIR ePoster library, KUN QIAN, 289751
508 - Locoregional control of painful spine metastatic lesions after percutaneous radiofrequency ablation and vertebral augmentation.
SIR ePoster library, Joshua Marlow, 289752
509 - Oncolytic immunotherapy of hepatic tumors with intralesional rose bengal disodium
SIR ePoster library, Sapna Patel, 289753
522 - Accuracy Study of AR Systems for Percutaneous Needle Interventions - iPhone vs HoloLens
SIR ePoster library, Ming Li, 289766
523 - Biopsy-gauge size, patient and lesional factors affecting iatrogenic pneumothorax rates for lung biopsies.
SIR ePoster library, Darrel Ceballos, 289767
524 - Bone Marrow Biopsy Provider Trends in the United States by Physician Specialty and Practice Setting
SIR ePoster library, Alex Lionberg, 289768
526 - CT-guided lung biopsies and complications with and without the use of autologous blood patch in a military facility
SIR ePoster library, Yolanda Mendoza, 289770
546 - Portal vein embolization, with and without locoregional therapy and post-hepatectomy complication risk: a NSQIP analysis.
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Kolarich, 289790
551 - Effectiveness of drug–eluting bead transarterial chemoembolization and transarterial radioembolization for patients with large hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Yuan-Mao Lin, 289794
552 - GALAD score Predicts HCC Recurrence in Patients with Normal AFP Levels Following Transarterial Radioembolization (TARE)
SIR ePoster library, Parita Patel, 289795
556 - Medically uncontrollable ascites following yttrium 90 radioembolization: the incidence, clinical outcomes and possible risk factors
SIR ePoster library, Josue Deya Navarro, 289799
576 - Factors influencing cumulative radiation dose for percutaneous intra-abdominal abscess drainage in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
SIR ePoster library, Thomas An, 289818
577 - Limited Clinical Utility of Chest Radiography in Asymptomatic Patients After Interventional Radiology-Performed Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis: Analysis of 3,022 Consecutive Patients
SIR ePoster library, Jacob Bundy, 289819
578 - Ag Nano-functionalized Self-expandable Metallic Stent Suppresses Biliary Sludge and Stent-induced Tissue Hyperplasia in Rabbit Extrahepatic Bile Duct
SIR ePoster library, Jung-Hoon Park, 289820
582 - Validation of serial dilatation of benign biliary stricture without upscaling
SIR ePoster library, Alexander Schin, 289824
599 - Transfemoral Transcaval Liver Mass Biopsy
SIR ePoster library, Christopher Kelley, 289841
600 - Utilization and Outcomes of Percutaneous Cholecystostomy in Patients with Acute Cholecystitis in the United States: Insights from the Nationwide Inpatient Sample
SIR ePoster library, Vibhor Wadhwa, 289842
601 - Assessment of the Heat-Sink Effect on Treatment Failure of Microwave Ablation for Central Renal Tumors
SIR ePoster library, Wenhui Zhou, 289843
619 - Percutaneous CT guided rupture of lumbar synovial cyst: new gold standard of treatment?
SIR ePoster library, Patricio Mendez, 289861
620 - Percutaneous Kyphoplasty in Patients with Malignant Spinal Lesions: A Meta-analysis
SIR ePoster library, Qian Yu, 289862
622 - Evaluate the Efficacy of Image Guided Pain Management Procedures on Pediatric Patients
SIR ePoster library, Douglas Rivard, Chad, 289864
643 - A Single Institution Experience with Palliative Portal Vein Stent Placement for Malignant Stenosis or Occlusion
SIR ePoster library, Lauren Park, 289885
645 - Clinical Experience with Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt Downsizing in Patients with Severe Hepatic Encephalopathy
SIR ePoster library, Paul Williams, 289887
646 - Natural history of transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunts: Long-term analysis of survival and protective factors
SIR ePoster library, Jemianne Jia, 289888
667 - Clinic-based inferior vena cava filter retrieval program as a revenue growth opportunity for interventional radiology
SIR ePoster library, Eric Keasler, 289908
669 - Radiologic Reporting of Inferior Vena Cava Filters: An Analysis of 10,217 Discrete Patient Encounters Yielding an Opportunity for Standards Improvement
SIR ePoster library, Spencer Lewis, 289910
670 - Safety and Efficacy of Mechanical IVC Filtration for Preventing Pulmonary Embolism in High-risk Orthopedic Patients Undergoing Total Hip or Knee Arthroplasty
SIR ePoster library, Ye Joon Kim, 289911
692 - Combined Doxorubicin-Sorafenib Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization: Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery in a Rabbit VX2 Tumor Model
SIR ePoster library, Ramzy Khabbaz, 289933
693 - CRISPR-based genome editing identifies metabolic dependencies of a biopsy-derived HCC cell line, enabling targeted therapy selection and response evaluation
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Perkons, 289934
694 - Reduction of DSA Dose Per Frame without Perceivable Loss in Image Quality – a Phantom Study
SIR ePoster library, Allen Goode, 289935
722 - Disposable, single-use, digital endoscopes for percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopy: technical success, advantages, and cost comparison
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 289960
726 - Ultrasound-guided cryoablation of symptomatic stump neuroma
SIR ePoster library, Kristina Ringe, 289964
727 - A new spin on SMA: breathing new life into an adult population living with SMA
SIR ePoster library, Ryan Cobb, 289965
755 - Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) and Fibular Free Flap Planning CT: What to look for and what to report.
SIR ePoster library, Chloe Cross, 289993
757 - Rods, balloons, jacks, and more. Advanced MSK ablation techniques, safety measures, and augmentation devices.
SIR ePoster library, Nathan Kafity, 289995
758 - Targeting Early Breast Cancers with Ablation Therapies: Opportunities and Progress
SIR ePoster library, Mina Makary, 289996
779 - Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA): A Minimally Invasive Alternative to Surgery for Symptomatic Benign Thyroid Nodules.
SIR ePoster library, John Matson, 290017
780 - Initial experience with SpineJackⓇ for thoracic and lumbar vertebral compression fractures
SIR ePoster library, Jemianne Jia, 290018
781 - Unvexing the Rex Shunt: A Review of Surgical and Endovascular Management of Extrahepatic Portal Venous Obstruction in Pediatric Patients
SIR ePoster library, Ethan Speir, 290019
798 - Interventional Management of Uncommon Portal Hypertensive Complications
SIR ePoster library, Oliver Furusato Hunt, 290036
799 - Extracorporeal Membranous Oxygenation in Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism Undergoing Catheter Directed Therapy: Lessons Learned
SIR ePoster library, Meghan Clark, 290037
800 - Novel suture-mediated Technique for Torque-assistance during AngioVac Thrombectomy of Tricuspid and Right Atrial Masses
SIR ePoster library, Brady Laughlin, 290038
821 - Bariatric Artery Embolization for Management of Obesity
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290059
823 - Bariatric Embolization: State of the Art
SIR ePoster library, Omid Shafaat, 290061
824 - Bland Embolization of Prostate Leiomyoma
SIR ePoster library, Jeffrey Isacson, 290062
845 - The Current State of Management and Treatment Indications for Renal Angiomyolipomas
SIR ePoster library, Robert Raymond, 290083
846 - Transcaval Approach for Embolization of Type II Endoleaks
SIR ePoster library, Howard Brent, 290084
847 - Traumatic Splenic Injury Management: Current Imaging and Intervention Guidelines
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Diamond, 290085
874 - What We Know About the Genetic Link of Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Primer for #CLIfighters and Interventional Radiologists
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290112
875 - Arm Pain in Patients with Arteriovenous Fistulas: Diagnosing Complications and Determining Interventions
SIR ePoster library, Jacob Fleecs, 290113
878 - Percutaneous arteriovenous fistula creation: a comprehensive 'how-to' guide
SIR ePoster library, Aliaksei Salei, 290116
896 - Expanding early IR education beyond the anatomy block and the promising role of extracurricular learning modalities
SIR ePoster library, Ilana Breen, 290134
897 - Giant Hemangiomas: When to treat and how to do it.
SIR ePoster library, Hunaid Rana, 290135
899 - Interventional Radiology Abroad: Success, Challenges, and Future Endeavors in Central Vietnam.
SIR ePoster library, Thanh-Phuong Pham, 290137
921 - The Utility of an Interventional Radiology Trainee as a Member of the Intensive Care Unit Team
SIR ePoster library, Navjit Dullet, 290159
922 - To heal or pioneer? Structured ethics culture in interventional radiology, a call-to-action
SIR ePoster library, Rayan Abboud, 290160
923 - Understanding practices and gaps in multidisciplinary Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) care within the community oncology setting in the United States.
SIR ePoster library, Christina Mangir, Lorna, 290161
945 - Please Cook in Safety: Protective Techniques to Overcome Challenges of Treating Renal Lesions With Thermal Ablation
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Pigg, 290183
946 - Protective Adjunctive Maneuvers in Thermal Ablation: A Visual How-To Guide
SIR ePoster library, Mari Tanaka, 290184
947 - Renal nephrometry scoring for patient selection prior to percutaneous ablation of renal cell carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Ben McCafferty, 290185
963 - Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy: A New Tool for Interventional Oncologists
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Lee, 290201
964 - Immunotherapeutics and Intratumoral Delivery - A Growing Field for Interventional Radiology Involvement
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Lee, 290202
965 - Intratumoral Injections: What the Interventional Radiologist Should Know
SIR ePoster library, Valeria Gioioso, 290203
986 - Preoperative embolization of intracranial meningiomas: An endovascular case series and literature review
SIR ePoster library, Erik Yannone, 290224
989 - Endovascular Stroke Therapy in Nonagenarians: Selection and Pitfalls
SIR ePoster library, Joseph Springer, 290227
990 - Ditch Digging: The Art of Drains
SIR ePoster library, Junjian Huang, 290228
1006 - GI stenting by IR , we still have a crucial role
SIR ePoster library, Jorge Lopera, 290244
1007 - Interventions for enterocutaneous fistula in inflammatory bowel disease
SIR ePoster library, Taylor Parnall, 290245
1008 - Preventing recurrent gastric recoil of gastrojejunostomy tubes by creating a new, pylorus-directed subcutaneous track using pop-the-balloon technique
SIR ePoster library, Alexa Levey, 290246
1030 - Lymphatic Variant Anatomy And The Role Of An Interventional Radiologist: A Pictorial Review
SIR ePoster library, Samir Haroon, Alexander, 290268
1031 - Nerves, Ganglion Blocks and Steroid injections in Interventional Radiology: A Tutorial for Success.
SIR ePoster library, Arthur Freedman, 290269
SIR ePoster library, Kunal Gala, 290271
1051 - Slow Your Roll: Tackling Authority Gradients in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Junjian Huang, 290289
1054 - A Secure Texting Platform for Improving Communication between Interventional Radiologists and Referring Physicians: A Single Institution Experience at a Tertiary Academic Medical Center.
SIR ePoster library, Aaron Gold, 290292
1055 - Are leaded caps effective at reducing radiation exposure in the interventional radiology suite?
SIR ePoster library, Gautam Rao, 290293
1071 - Liver Transplant Complications: What the Interventional Radiologist needs to know.
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Chesley, 290309
1074 - Vascular and Biliary Variants in the Liver transplantation. Related vascular complications and interventional management. What the surgeon wants to know? What the IR doctor should know?
SIR ePoster library, Francisco Grippi, 290312
1076 - Case Based Review of Central Line Insertion Related Complications and IR Based Management Strategies.
SIR ePoster library, Kamel El Salek, 290314
1092 - Transcatheter embolization of symptomatic intrahepatic portosystemic venous shunts.
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Umer Afzaal, 290330
1095 - Considerations for inferior vena cava (IVC) filter placement: a review of caval anatomic variants and filter complications
SIR ePoster library, Roman Shrestha, 290333
1096 - Evolution of design modifications to the Greenfield IVC filter and their relevance to retrieval
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 290334

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