384 - Effect of Pelvic Vascular Anatomy on Fluoroscopy Time during Prostate Artery Embolization
SIR ePoster library, John Do, 289624
385 - Emergent Uncontrolled Bleeding in Patients with Thrombocytopenia and/or Coagulopathy: Embolization with Glue Significantly Less Likely to Require Repeat Intervention than Other Embolic Agents
SIR ePoster library, Luis Garcia Paredes, 289625
386 - Evaluation and management of Arterial Pseudoaneurysms in the setting of Pancreatitis
SIR ePoster library, Amir Ata Rahnemai-Azar, 289626
404 - Safety and efficacy of arterial embolization with permanent suture micro particles: The FAIR-Embo concept.
SIR ePoster library, MATHIEU DI BISCEGLIE, 289644
406 - Splenic injury in the setting of blunt trauma: a safety analysis of common embolization strategies.
SIR ePoster library, Austin Gonzalez, 289646
407 - Superior Hypogastric Nerve Block for Pain Control After UAE: Effect of Addition of Steroids on Duration of Analgesia
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Patetta, 289647
427 - Osmotic stress blunted heat shock response in HepG2 cells
SIR ePoster library, Chunxiao Guo, 289667
428 - Parthenolide Induces Thiol Oxidation Mediated Cytotoxicity in Human and Rat Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Lines
SIR ePoster library, Francesca LoBianco, 289668
429 - Phenylbutyrate is a superior inducer of the Warburg reversal compared to its metabolite phenylacetate and can efficiently enhance sensitivity to mTOR inhibitors in hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Caleb Heiberger, 289669
447 - Utilization of Intravascular Ultrasound for Identification of Thrombus in Thoracic Veins during Tunneled Hemodialysis Catheter Exchange.
SIR ePoster library, Rishi Razdan, 289686
450 - A new standardized interventional radiology learning curriculum: preliminary experience from a single residency program
SIR ePoster library, Justin Guan, 289689
451 - Analysis of kinematic differences in hand motion between the dominant and non-dominant hand of interventional radiology trainees performing simulated radial artery access
SIR ePoster library, Jeffrey Weinstein, 289690
465 - Threshold analysis for determining number of movements in the kinematic analysis of hand motion in interventional radiology
SIR ePoster library, Fady El-Gabalawy, 289704
466 - Title: Targeted case presentations introducing interventional radiology to medical students interested in primary care specialties.
SIR ePoster library, Samia Jaffar, 289705
468 - Cost Analysis of Focal Laser Ablation for Prostate Cancer: In-MRI vs TRUS Fusion Guidance Outside MRI
SIR ePoster library, Amel Amalou, 289707
482 - Utility of Touchless Image Navigation in Interventional Radiology Procedures
SIR ePoster library, Behrang Homayoon, 289727
483 - Accuracy of motion-compensated roadmap guidance for interventional liver procedures
SIR ePoster library, Martin Wagner, 289728
485 - Assessment of Flow in the Iliac Arteries Using a Quantitative Angiography Technique based on Time-Resolved 2D Digital Subtraction Angiography
SIR ePoster library, Ece Meram, 289730
486 - Characterization of Respiratory Motion in the Hepatic Vasculature Using a 3D Elastic Registration Technique
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289731
503 - Effects of Cryoablation with Immunotherapy on Patients with Metastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma
SIR ePoster library, Ankur Doshi, 289748
504 - Ex-Vivo Evaluation of the Effect of Multiple Electrode Radiofrequency Needle Tip Convergence on Size of Ablation Zone
SIR ePoster library, Zoe Abraham, 289749
505 - Image-Guided Radiofrequency Ablation of Benign Thyroid Nodules: A Literature Review
SIR ePoster library, Mark Youssef, 289750
506 - Image-Guided Radiofrequency Hyperthermia-Enhanced Direct Chemotherapy of Hepatic Tumors: The Underlying BioMolecular Mechanisms
SIR ePoster library, KUN QIAN, 289751
520 - Stage 4 lung cancer: comparison of thermal ablation and stereotactic body radiotherapy for the pulmonary primary.
SIR ePoster library, Johannes Uhlig, 289764
521 - Use of Electromagnetic Tracking Navigation Software and its Effect on Percutaneous Microwave Ablation of Liver Tumors
SIR ePoster library, Darrell Morris, 289765
522 - Accuracy Study of AR Systems for Percutaneous Needle Interventions - iPhone vs HoloLens
SIR ePoster library, Ming Li, 289766
523 - Biopsy-gauge size, patient and lesional factors affecting iatrogenic pneumothorax rates for lung biopsies.
SIR ePoster library, Darrel Ceballos, 289767
543 - Early mortality after transarterial embolotherapy for hepatic malignancies: A retrospective study of underlying factors
SIR ePoster library, Ehsan Fayazzadeh, 289787
544 - Locoregional Therapies vs. Systemic Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma with Portal Vein Tumor Thrombus
SIR ePoster library, Caroline Chung, 289788
546 - Portal vein embolization, with and without locoregional therapy and post-hepatectomy complication risk: a NSQIP analysis.
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Kolarich, 289790
551 - Effectiveness of drug–eluting bead transarterial chemoembolization and transarterial radioembolization for patients with large hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Yuan-Mao Lin, 289794
573 - Appropriate Imaging Criteria for Neurological Intervention in Stroke: Pearls and Pitfalls of CT Perfusion
SIR ePoster library, Karim Nasra, 289815
575 - Effectiveness of transrectal & transvaginal drainage of pelvic fluid collections- an analysis based on etiological classification. A large single Institution study
SIR ePoster library, McLean Davies, 289817
576 - Factors influencing cumulative radiation dose for percutaneous intra-abdominal abscess drainage in patients with inflammatory bowel disease
SIR ePoster library, Thomas An, 289818
596 - Percutaneous Transesophageal Gastrostomy (PTEG): Largest United States Single-Institution Experience
SIR ePoster library, Nabih Diab, 289838
597 - Percutaneous transhepatic enteral stent placement in patients with recurrent malignant obstruction in surgically altered bowel anatomy
SIR ePoster library, Jae Hwan Lee, 289839
599 - Transfemoral Transcaval Liver Mass Biopsy
SIR ePoster library, Christopher Kelley, 289841
617 - Lusutrombopag reliably increases platelets regardless of baseline platelet counts in thrombocytopenic chronic liver disease patients undergoing planned invasive procedures: results of two phase 3 trials
SIR ePoster library, Robert Brown, 289859
618 - Percutaneous CT-guided Cryoablation of the Celiac Plexus: A Retrospective Cohort Comparison with Ethanol.
SIR ePoster library, Keywan Behbahani, 289860
619 - Percutaneous CT guided rupture of lumbar synovial cyst: new gold standard of treatment?
SIR ePoster library, Patricio Mendez, 289861
640 - Readability Assessment of Internet-Based Patient Education Materials Related to Treatment Options for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia
SIR ePoster library, Aesha Patel, 289882
641 - Single Institution Analysis of Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment Modalities: Nephrectomy versus Ablation
SIR ePoster library, Zachary Dreyer, 289883
643 - A Single Institution Experience with Palliative Portal Vein Stent Placement for Malignant Stenosis or Occlusion
SIR ePoster library, Lauren Park, 289885
665 - Association of IVC Filter Placement and Mortality Amongst In-Patients with Pulmonary Embolism After Adjusting for Immortal Time Bias
SIR ePoster library, Vibhor Wadhwa, 289906
666 - Classification system for IVC injury during percutaneous IVC filter retrieval
SIR ePoster library, Ningcheng Li, 289907
667 - Clinic-based inferior vena cava filter retrieval program as a revenue growth opportunity for interventional radiology
SIR ePoster library, Eric Keasler, 289908
688 - Bariatric arterial embolization with radiopaque microspheres suppresses ghrelin expression and weight gain in swine
SIR ePoster library, Yingli Fu, 289929
689 - Prostate Artery Embolization in Patients with Prior Transurethral Resection of the Prostate: A Feasibility Study
SIR ePoster library, Samuel Maron, 289930
692 - Combined Doxorubicin-Sorafenib Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization: Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery in a Rabbit VX2 Tumor Model
SIR ePoster library, Ramzy Khabbaz, 289933
719 - Conscious Sedation versus General Anesthesia on Outcomes in Mechanical Thrombectomy for Patients with Acute Ischemic Stroke
SIR ePoster library, Rebecca Le, 289958
721 - Functional outcomes of aspiration versus stent retriever thrombectomy at a community hospital
SIR ePoster library, Austin Shinagawa, 289959
722 - Disposable, single-use, digital endoscopes for percutaneous transhepatic cholangioscopy: technical success, advantages, and cost comparison
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 289960
751 - Artificial Interventional Radiology: A Primer on Artificial Intelligence for the IR.
SIR ePoster library, George Wong, 289989
752 - Teaching an old dog new tricks: A review of the new and established uses of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS)
SIR ePoster library, Benjamin Contrella, 289990
755 - Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator (DIEP) and Fibular Free Flap Planning CT: What to look for and what to report.
SIR ePoster library, Chloe Cross, 289993
775 - A Plug for Porcine Extracellular Matrix Enterocutaneous Fistula Plugs: A Primer on Improving Outcomes
SIR ePoster library, Jeffrey Sung, 290013
776 - Management of Inguinal Lymphoceles Using an Intranodal Approach: Indications, Advantages, and Limitations of an Emerging Technique
SIR ePoster library, Geoffrey Miller, 290014
779 - Thyroid Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA): A Minimally Invasive Alternative to Surgery for Symptomatic Benign Thyroid Nodules.
SIR ePoster library, John Matson, 290017
795 - Percutaneous management of post liver transplantation complications
SIR ePoster library, Faezeh Razjouyan, 290033
797 - Capturing crusty catheters: advanced techniques for the removal of ports with prolonged dwell times
SIR ePoster library, Byron Dubois, 290035
798 - Interventional Management of Uncommon Portal Hypertensive Complications
SIR ePoster library, Oliver Furusato Hunt, 290036
819 - Angiographic classification of the prostate artery: An interventionalist's guide to prostate artery origins
SIR ePoster library, Jacob Miller, 290057
820 - Balloon Occlusion Embolization: Technique of the future?
SIR ePoster library, Michael Cellini, 290058
821 - Bariatric Artery Embolization for Management of Obesity
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290059
843 - The answer to pelvic pain is only a few coils away: The use of uterine artery embolization in the treatment of adenomyosis
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Pigg, 290081
844 - The bleeding intercostal artery . A comprehensive review
SIR ePoster library, Jorge Lopera, 290082
845 - The Current State of Management and Treatment Indications for Renal Angiomyolipomas
SIR ePoster library, Robert Raymond, 290083
868 - Radiosensitizers for Glioblastoma Multiforme in an Era of Evolving Interventional Approaches
SIR ePoster library, Sasicha Manupipatpong, 290106
869 - The biologic mechanisms of endovascular locoregional therapies for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Ryan Kiefer, 290107
874 - What We Know About the Genetic Link of Peripheral Arterial Disease: A Primer for #CLIfighters and Interventional Radiologists
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290112
894 - Establishing an Online Educational Teaching File on Instagram® for An Academic Pediatric Interventional Radiology Department: Proof-of-Concept
SIR ePoster library, Vibhor Wadhwa, 290132
895 - Establishment of a simulation curriculum for IR training in developing countries
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 290133
896 - Expanding early IR education beyond the anatomy block and the promising role of extracurricular learning modalities
SIR ePoster library, Ilana Breen, 290134
916 - The 'Core' Interventional Radiologist - A review of modifiable risk factors and a practical visual guide of core exercises for the prevention of neck and back pain.
SIR ePoster library, Aaron Gold, 290154
920 - The Role of the Interventional Radiologist in Post Lung Transplant Patients
SIR ePoster library, Alex Arne, 290158
921 - The Utility of an Interventional Radiology Trainee as a Member of the Intensive Care Unit Team
SIR ePoster library, Navjit Dullet, 290159
943 - Microwave ablation for treatment of an intrahepatic artery pseudoaneurysm
SIR ePoster library, Kristin Kinsman, 290181
944 - Percutaneous image-guided ablation of pulmonary malignancies: indications, techniques, follow-up imaging, and future directions
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Sill, 290182
945 - Please Cook in Safety: Protective Techniques to Overcome Challenges of Treating Renal Lesions With Thermal Ablation
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Pigg, 290183
961 - Prostate Artery Chemoembolization: Past, Present, and Future Directions
SIR ePoster library, Justin Greene, 290199
962 - Allies During End-of-Life Care: IR and Management of Malignant Pleural Effusions
SIR ePoster library, James Jeffries, 290200
963 - Checkpoint Inhibitor Therapy: A New Tool for Interventional Oncologists
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Lee, 290201
984 - Maxillofacial Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 290222
985 - Middle Meningeal Artery Embolization for Chronic Subdural Hematomas
SIR ePoster library, Karen Man, 290223
986 - Preoperative embolization of intracranial meningiomas: An endovascular case series and literature review
SIR ePoster library, Erik Yannone, 290224
1004 - Complications of Percutaneous Gastrostomy Tube Placement: Recognition and Tips for Avoiding Trouble
SIR ePoster library, Peter Park, 290242
1005 - Feeding the future: the promise of the percutaneous ultrasound gastrostomy.
SIR ePoster library, Neyra Azimov, 290243
1006 - GI stenting by IR , we still have a crucial role
SIR ePoster library, Jorge Lopera, 290244
1028 - Liver lymphatic embolization for the management of Protein-Losing Enteropathy in Patients with Congenital Heart Disease
SIR ePoster library, Mohammad Arabi, 290266
1029 - Lymphangiogram findings and lymphatic intervention from neck to groin
SIR ePoster library, Michael Adam, 290267
1030 - Lymphatic Variant Anatomy And The Role Of An Interventional Radiologist: A Pictorial Review
SIR ePoster library, Samir Haroon, Alexander, 290268
1049 - Physician Practice Earnings for Hospital Based Y90 vs Office Based Y90
SIR ePoster library, David Xu, 290287
1050 - Robotics Process Automation (RPA): Process Efficiency In Health Care
SIR ePoster library, Zain Badar, 290288
1051 - Slow Your Roll: Tackling Authority Gradients in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Junjian Huang, 290289
1069 - Using Intracardiac Echocardiography during Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt creation
SIR ePoster library, Derek Zipkin, 290307
1070 - Endovascular transsplenic recanalization with angioplasty and stenting of an occluded main portal vein with splenorenal shunt embolization in an adult liver transplant recipient
SIR ePoster library, Mason Brown, 290308
1071 - Liver Transplant Complications: What the Interventional Radiologist needs to know.
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Chesley, 290309
1089 - Superior Vena Cava Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management
SIR ePoster library, Micaela Nannery, 290327
1091 - Left brachiocephalic vein perforation with hemodialysis catheter migration: a novel treatment of transvenous balloon-assisted embolization with n-butyl cyanoacrylate
SIR ePoster library, Ryutaro Fujitsuna, 290329
1092 - Transcatheter embolization of symptomatic intrahepatic portosystemic venous shunts.
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Umer Afzaal, 290330

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