375 - Nontraumatic intra-luminal recanalization of difficult below the knee total occlusions using combination of laser ablation and wire back-end wire support in a crossing catheter
SIR ePoster library, Kan Zhang, 289615
376 - A chronic comparison of clinically used embolic agents with GPX in domestic swine
SIR ePoster library, Joshua Jones, 289616
377 - A Quantitative Angiography Technique Using Time-Resolved 2D-DSA for Determining Treatment Endpoints During Partial Splenic Embolization
SIR ePoster library, Sarvesh Periyasamy, 289617
395 - Is there a Role for Combination, Single-Session Selective Transarterial Embolization and Microwave Ablation for Large Renal Masses?
SIR ePoster library, Samuel Larussa, 289635
397 - Partial Splenic Artery Embolization for Idiopathic Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia Refractory to Medical Therapy
SIR ePoster library, Mohamad Hadied, 289637
398 - Pathogenic Variants in the ENG, ACVRL1, SMAD4, and GDF2 genes and Clinical Presentations of hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia: Experience from a Single Center of HHT Excellence
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Latif, 289638
416 - 2D-perfusion angiography (2D-PA) and its suitability in diagnosing and documenting early treatment response in patients with non-occlusive mesenteric ischemia (NOMI): a retrospective analysis.
SIR ePoster library, Lena Becker, 289656
419 - Comparing Patient Radiation Exposure while using Different Methods to Explore Potential Gastrointestinal Bleeds
SIR ePoster library, Luciano Delbono, 289659
420 - Health Outcomes in Older Adults Post-Thrombectomies for Acute Ischemic Stroke
SIR ePoster library, Sharon Pang, 289660
438 - Tail Artery Access for Transarterial Experiments in Rats: Feasibility Study in a Survival Model
SIR ePoster library, Kentaro Yamada, 289678
SIR ePoster library, Chijioke Iwuchukwu, 289680
441 - Eventual outcomes of patients undergoing Peritoneal dialysis catheter by Interventional Radiologists( IR's)- A large single Institution 2 year Observational Study.
SIR ePoster library, Philip Velez, 289681
458 - General Surgery Resident Awareness of IR: A Single-Center Analysis
SIR ePoster library, John Filtes, 289697
459 - Interventional radiology/diagnostic radiology residency applicant preferences in the National Resident Matching Program
SIR ePoster library, Alexander Sheu, 289698
460 - Radiologists' Knowledge of Procedural Charges
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Taussig, 289699
476 - Two-dimensional(2D) perfusion angiography of hepatic tumors at the time of Yttrium-90 (Y-90) trans-arterial radio-embolization (TARE) mapping
SIR ePoster library, Annie Wong-on-Wing, 289720
477 - Effectiveness of Thoracic Duct Embolization Using Different Embolic Agents: Glue and Coils versus Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol
SIR ePoster library, Erin Shropshire, 289722
478 - Feasibility of artificial intelligence detection and classification of inferior vena cava filters on X-ray imaging
SIR ePoster library, Brian Park, 289723
495 - Comparative analysis of non-hydrodissection techniques for percutaneous CT-guided thermal ablation of liver neoplasms
SIR ePoster library, Rory Cochran, 289740
496 - Comparison of Periprocedural Outcome and Healthcare Costs associated with MWA, RFA and CA Ablative Modalities for T1 Renal Cell Carcinoma
SIR ePoster library, Wenhui Zhou, 289741
497 - Comparison of radiofrequency ablation and stereotactic radiotherapy for primary treatment of low and intermediate stage HCC: results from the NCDB.
SIR ePoster library, Johannes Uhlig, 289742
513 - Recovery of Liver Parenchyma and Ablation Zone Involution is Faster in Patients Treated with Irreversible Electroporation and is Independent of Functional Liver Status
SIR ePoster library, Fourat Ridouani, 289757
514 - Renal Mass Ablation in the Octogenarian and Nonagenarian Population
SIR ePoster library, T McKee, 289758
515 - Renal Tumor Biopsy Following Percutaneous Cryoablation of Renal Masses
SIR ePoster library, Carlos Padula, 289759
516 - Reproducibility of in vivo Ablation Zone Using a Single Microwave Ablation System
SIR ePoster library, Dhiraj Sikaria, 289760
531 - Combining neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio (NLR) with serum albumin and bilirubin (NALBI) is superior to calculated albumin/bilirubin (ALBI) grade in predicting overall survival (OS) and progression-free survival (PFS) following chemoembolization (TACE) of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
SIR ePoster library, Jessica Wen, 289775
533 - Comparison of Drug-Eluting Beads versus Conventional Transarterial Chemoembolization: A Cost-Effectiveness Analysis
SIR ePoster library, Xiao Wu, 289777
534 - Does arterial feeder on cross-sectional imaging predict treatment response and survival after TACE for HCC? Multilevel analysis of 138 patients
SIR ePoster library, Justin Guan, 289778
564 - Treatment of right sided primary colon cancer metastatic to liver in current clinical practice
SIR ePoster library, Jonathan Martin, 289807
565 - Y90 Radioembolization: Evaluation for correlation between pre-treatment Tc99m MAA SPECT/CT dosimetry and tumor response in patients with similar MAA and Y90 distribution
SIR ePoster library, Gaurav Gadodia, 289808
566 - Yttrium-90 radioembolization for unresectable neuroendocrine liver metastases: report in Asian population
SIR ePoster library, CHIEN-AN LIU, 289809
587 - Safety And Efficacy of CT-Guided Percutaneous Cryoneurolysis For Chronic Intercostal Pain Syndrome
SIR ePoster library, Chenyang Zhan, 289829
588 - Success rate and complications of indocyanine green and lipiodol mixture with fat emulsion for CT-guided pulmonary marking before video-assisted thoracic surgery: a retrospective comparison with short hook wire
SIR ePoster library, Rinpei Imamine, 289830
590 - Utility of Serial Chest X-rays post Percutaneous Lung Biopsy: Are We Overdoing It?
SIR ePoster library, Sreeja Sanampudi, 289832
607 - Percutaneous image guided cryoablation of abdominal wall endometriosis
SIR ePoster library, John Valesano, 289849
609 - AI assisted multi-modality image fusion in image guided biopsy
SIR ePoster library, Sheng Xu, 289851
610 - Celiac Plexus Block as a Diagnostic Tool and Predictor of Surgical Outcome in Suspected Median Acute Ligament Syndrome
SIR ePoster library, Michelle Shnayder, 289852
630 - Association of Patient Specific Factors and Non-Opioid Analgesics on Opioid Use after Uterine Fibroid Embolization
SIR ePoster library, Cole Ziegler, 289872
631 - Comparison of diagnostic yield and procedural time with and without the presence of on-site pathology for image-guided percutaneous biopsies
SIR ePoster library, Timothy Brown, 289873
632 - Current Healthcare Burden and Rising Costs of Nephrostomy-related Procedures in the United States
SIR ePoster library, John Moon, 289874
656 - Anticoagulation following stent placement for nonthrombotic lower extremity venous disease
SIR ePoster library, Victoria Arendt, 289897
657 - Endovascular Recanalization of Thrombosed Iliocaval and Iliofemoral Stents in Patients with Previously Treated May-Thurner Syndrome: Retrospective Review of 43 Patients with 1-year outcomes.
SIR ePoster library, Mamadou Sanogo, 289898
658 - Exercise intolerance due to chronic iliocaval venous occlusion: non-invasive quantitative assessment
SIR ePoster library, Ivan Dimov, 289899
676 - Evaluation of Venous Valve Anatomy after ClotTriever Treatment in an Ovine Model
SIR ePoster library, Thomas Tu, 289917
677 - Reduced right heart dysfunction following pulmonary embolism treated with catheter directed therapy: a retrospective study
SIR ePoster library, Rihin Chavda, 289918
678 - Minimally Invasive Repair of Ascending Aortic Pseudoaneurysms: An Alternative to Open Surgical Repair in High Risk Patients
SIR ePoster library, David Zucker, 289919
701 - Assessment of the thermal properties of absorbable gelatin powder for potential use as a tissue separator during microwave ablation procedures.
SIR ePoster library, Avik Som, 289942
702 - A 10-year Survival After Image-guided Percutaneous Ablation of Gynecologic Cancer Metastasis.
SIR ePoster library, Frank Yuan, 289943
704 - Safety and Efficacy of Intravascular Ultrasound Guided Biopsies
SIR ePoster library, Catherine Carney, 289945
736 - An Overview of Interpreting Urologic Testing for Prostate Artery Embolization Candidacy.
SIR ePoster library, Suraj Patel, 289974
737 - Hemorrhoidal Artery Embolization: A New Frontier in Hemorrhoid Disease Management
SIR ePoster library, Tushar Garg, 289975
739 - Role of interventional radiology in the multi-disciplinary algorithmic management of acquired uterine enhanced myometrial vascularity (EMV)
SIR ePoster library, Neal Shah, 289977
764 - Stem cell delivery to the brain using MRI-guided focused ultrasound: a non-invasive approach
SIR ePoster library, Nabid Ahmed, 290002
766 - Update on the multi-disciplinary management of malignant biliary obstruction with critique of recent literature
SIR ePoster library, Ross Bittman, 290004
768 - Percutaneous Management of Ureteral Strictures in Patients with Renal Transplant: An Institutional Experience and Pictorial Review
SIR ePoster library, Nathan Siesener, 290006
787 - Outpatient reimbursement & the IR clinic: A review of the finalized 2019 CMS Evaluation & Management CPT code changes
SIR ePoster library, Andrew Moore, 290025
789 - The changing financial landscape of IR clinic: Implications of the proposed 2020 CMS Evaluation & Management CPT code changes
SIR ePoster library, Sandy Nguyen, Sandy, 290027
790 - The Impact of Advanced Directives on the Informed Consent Process
SIR ePoster library, Anthony Sayegh, 290028
808 - Sprung an Endoleak: Spectrum of Procedural Interventions to Repair Aortic Endoleaks
SIR ePoster library, Will Johnson, 290046
809 - Visceral artery pseudoaneurysm formation in the setting of acute pancreatitis: An IR's guide for selecting endovascular treatment techniques on the basis of lesion location and morphology.
SIR ePoster library, Christopher Abraham, 290047
812 - Below Ankle Endovascular Interventions for Critical Limb Ischemia: Anatomy, techniques, and pitfalls
SIR ePoster library, Sean Golden, 290050
832 - Geniculate artery embolization for the treatment of mild to moderate osteoarthritis: an overview
SIR ePoster library, Alexander Sheu, 290070
834 - Geniculate Artery Embolization: What We Know and Where We're Headed
SIR ePoster library, Steven Shamah, 290072
835 - How to approach and treat Vascular Malformations (VM) : A pictorial case based review for the Interventional Radiologist
SIR ePoster library, Muhammad Shahid, 290073
855 - Cracking Calcium with Big Waves: A Review of Intravascular Lithotripsy
SIR ePoster library, Heidy Reynolds, 290093
856 - Detecting occult insulinoma by IR-guided selective arterial calcium stimulation test
SIR ePoster library, Gregory Petersen, 290094
858 - Pancreas-related Hemorrhage: Review of Diagnostic Evaluation, Clinical Management, and Contemporary Endovascular Techniques
SIR ePoster library, Mina Makary, 290096
883 - An overview of minimally invasive treatment options to treat obesity
SIR ePoster library, Omid Shafaat, 290121
885 - Applications of 3D Printing in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Kapil Wattamwar, 290123
886 - Building IR Procedural Skills Curriculum in Houston, Texas, USA and Rabat, Morocco
SIR ePoster library, Jeremiah Stringam, 290124
907 - Pedal Lymphangiography for Postoperative Lower Extremity Lymphatic Injury: A Pictorial Technical Review with Companion Cases
SIR ePoster library, Anna Moreland, 290145
908 - Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD): From Amputation to Limb Salvage, Decades of Innovation
SIR ePoster library, Rakesh Ahuja, 290146
910 - Point of Care Ultrasound: The Essentials of Bedside Ultrasound-Guided Procedures
SIR ePoster library, Dinh-Huy Nguyen, 290148
930 - Thoracic Duct Embolization in Management of Plastic Bronchitis in Adults with no Congenital Heart Disease
SIR ePoster library, Richard Frimpong, 290168
932 - Hidden in Plain Sight! Iatrogenic Arteriovenous Fistulas; a Case Series of Angiographic Findings and Clinical Presentations
SIR ePoster library, Derek McCleaf, 290170
933 - Mechanical Circulatory Support Devices: What the interventional radiologist needs to know
SIR ePoster library, Abhinav Patel, 290171
953 - Diagnostic and therapeutic application of contrast enhanced ultrasound in management of hepatobiliary pathologies, an update.
SIR ePoster library, Haran Rajeswaran, 290191
954 - Lung Biopsy Success Rates: Tips and Tricks
SIR ePoster library, Hans Bindner, 290192
955 - Major Bleeding After Percutaneous Solid Organ Biopsy, Prevention and Management
SIR ePoster library, Michael Adam, 290193
972 - Update on locoregional management of HCC: TACE versus Y90
SIR ePoster library, Steven Calamita, 290210
974 - Considerations for post Y90 radioembolization dosimetry based on imaging modality
SIR ePoster library, Gaurav Gadodia, 290212
976 - Effectively Using Radiation Dosimetry Software to Evaluate Radioembolization Treatment
SIR ePoster library, Cherng Chao, 290214
995 - Percutaneous Biliary Endoscopy: A comprehensive education program for developing skills in IR endoscopy
SIR ePoster library, Ryan England, 290233
997 - Pictorial review of percutaneous transcholecystic interventions
SIR ePoster library, Jong Hyouk Yun, 290235
999 - Shot through the Duct: Treating Traumatic Biliary Injury
SIR ePoster library, Matthew Abad-Santos, 290237
1016 - A Pictorial Essay of Nerve Blocks for Pain Control in Interventional Radiology
SIR ePoster library, Suraj Jaisinghani, 290254
1017 - Burn your pain away: Review the use of heat base thermal ablation for osteoid osteomas
SIR ePoster library, Nicholas Pigg, 290255
1019 - Tour de Joints: Overview of the most common ultrasound-guided musculoskeletal procedures
SIR ePoster library, Osmani Deochand, 290257
1041 - Transforaminal Lumbar Puncture For Intrathecal Access: Case Series With Literature Review and Comparison to Other Techniques
SIR ePoster library, Aslan Efendizade, 290279
1043 - Techniques used to treat common pediatric gastrojejunostomy tube complications
SIR ePoster library, Pranay Rao, 290281
1044 - 3D Printed Pathology for Patient Education: A Pictorial Formula for Interventional Radiologists
SIR ePoster library, Sakshum Chadha, 290282
1061 - Hemorrhagic Ectopic Varices - Evaluation and Management
SIR ePoster library, Rebecca Le, 290299
1062 - Ins and outs of Gastric Varices: An angiographic review of venous pathways
SIR ePoster library, Roberto Kutcher, 290300
1064 - Parallel Trans-jugular Intrahepatic Porto-systemic Shunt for the Treatment of portal hypertension Complications
SIR ePoster library, Ghazwan Kroma, 290302
1081 - Using An EMR Based IV Access Algorithm to Improve Line Selection and Patient Care
SIR ePoster library, Phillip Kim, 290319
1082 - An Illustrative Review of Malignant Venous Obstruction and Endovascular Treatment Techniques
SIR ePoster library, Alexandra Banathy, 290320
1083 - Balloon Pulmonary Angioplasty as an Evolving Management Technique for Chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH)
SIR ePoster library, Sara Smolinski-Zhao, 290321
1101 - Chylous reflux syndrome: the role of the radiologist from diagnosis to treatment
SIR ePoster library, Masayoshi Yamamoto, 290339
1102 - Parathyroid Hormone Selective Venous Sampling: What the Interventional Radiologist Needs to Know
SIR ePoster library, Henal Patel, 290340
1105 - Variant Anatomy in Adrenal Vein Sampling
SIR ePoster library, Roy Ruttiman, 290343

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